Top 10 reasons to book a wedding celebrant

A wedding celebrant will completely personalise your ceremony. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider booking one.

1: Your ceremony will be completely personalised for you

A wedding celebrant will spend time getting to know you and will write your love story. Your ceremony will be completely unique and will celebrate you both as a couple.

2: A wedding celebrant only takes one wedding per day

This is so important as your wedding celebrant is completely dedicated to you on your special day, There will be no rushing off to get to the next wedding and if any of the bridal party are late it doesn’t matter.  Your celebrant will be there in good time and will not leave until they are sure their job is done.

3: You can have your ceremony anywhere you want

A registrar can only marry you in a Registry office or a licensed venue. But , if you chose to have a celebrant led wedding this can be held anywhere you wish since the legalities will have already taken place. So if you want to get married in a garden, on a beach, at a festival, in the woods, in a hot air balloon (you get the gist) you absolutely can! 

4: You can write your own vows

Writing your own vows at first can be very daunting but with the right support and guidance, a celebrant can help you bring out those beautiful words you have always wanted to say to your partner. A wedding celebrant can also help you choose familiar vows and then tweak them to fit your personality.

5: A relaxed environment for your ceremony

Most couples who book a wedding celebrant legally marry either on the morning of their ceremony or the day before. This then leaves couples relaxed knowing that the formalities are over. They can look forward to enjoying a more relaxed and personal ceremony where they can then start their celebrations off without any restrictions.

6: Have your ceremony at anytime you wish

Wedding celebrants are not restricted to just the afternoons. If you want a late morning wedding followed by a brunch, a wedding at dusk or a New Years Eve wedding that starts in the evening then no problem!

7: Have complete flexibility on what is included in your wedding

Your ceremony is a true reflection of who you are as a couple and as individuals. If you would like some religious content included, a family tradition or something completely modern and bonkers, having a wedding celebrant officiate your wedding allows you to have the freedom to do this. Again, the possibilities are endless and you can be as creative or traditional as you like.

8: Include a symbolic element

Symbolic rituals are a beautiful way of visually showing your commitment to each other. Wedding celebrants can incorporate rituals such as hand fasting, candle unities, sand ceremonies and wine ceremonies into your wedding. It is also a lovely way to include children, and close family and friends.

9: You can choose your celebrant

Unlike a registrar where you will only meet the 10 minutes before you get married, you get to choose your wedding celebrant. Your celebrant will spend time with you and get to know you as a couple. They will most likely meet up with you a few times before your wedding and will build up a relationship with you. Some even become friends with their couples afterwards.

10: Celebrants LOVE their job!

Your wedding celebrant will be your biggest cheerleader and will be completely committed to making your special day one to remember. They are in a profession they love and have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share with you. Celebrants want you to have the best day ever!



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November 19, 2020

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