Christmas Wedding Proposal Ideas

Why Christmas is a wonderful time for a wedding proposal

There is something very romantic about a Christmas wedding proposal. Christmas holds a lot of sentimental value for many people. Whether it be spending time with family and friends, or just getting swept away with all the festivities, there is no question that Christmas is a very special time of the year. So what better way than to top it all off with a Christmas proposal!

Getting engaged is such a joyous occasion, and once it’s happened you will want to celebrate with as many friends and family as possible. Getting engaged at Christmas is perfect as many people take time off work around the holidays, meaning you have more time to celebrate with everyone for as long as possible!

Here are my favourite ideas for a memorable Christmas proposal.


1 – Under The Mistletoe

It may be a Christmas cliche but I think a Christmas wedding proposal under the mistletoe is very romantic. Once you’ve got your partner under the mistletoe ask them to close their eyes, while you drop down on one knee and pop the question. 

You could also tie a personalised bauble to your mistletoe with the words ‘Will you marry me’. Instead of going for the kiss, ask your partner to look up whilst you drop down on one knee.

This bauble from Not on the High Street is one of my favourites, and comes complete with a piece of mistletoe inside.


2 – Personalised Christmas Bauble

Another way to propose on Christmas day is with a personalised proposal bauble on the tree. You could place it above one of your partner’s presents under the tree and watch the look on their when they spot it. 

I love this one featured on Etsy.


3 – Family Christmas Photo

If you want to get the whole family involved in your Christmas proposal this one is perfect. Get everyone in position for a family photo and set up a timer.  Just as the flash goes off, drop down on one knee or produce the ring. If it all goes well, that photo will be epic! 

Another way to use the family Christmas photo to propose is to gather everyone around to take a photo and set up a timer. Get your partner to sit or stand at the front whilst you drop to the back, and just before the flash goes off hold up a massive sign that says ‘will you marry me’. Gather the family round to show them the photo and watch the look on your partners face!

If you want to string this out even more during the whole of Christmas day, take secret photos of you and your sign when your partners back is turned and at different parts of the day, Then in the evening after you have put together your montage, play it on the TV in front of the family and drop down on one knee for your big finale.


4 – Christmas Candle Proposal

Who doesn’t love a candle especially at Christmas. They are perfect for setting the scene. Cosy up by the fire place with some mulled wine, a soft warm blanket and a proposal candle glimmering in the background. Perfect!


5 – Get your pet involved

Get your beloved pet involved in your proposal at Christmas. Why not make your pet a ring bearer for the proposal or clip a sign to their collar when you are sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents.  Or how about taking a picture of your pet with a ‘Will you marry me’ sign around their neck and popping the photo in a Christmas card.

I am loving these dog and cat marriage proposal tags on Etsy.


6 – Carol Singers at the door

I know this is very ‘Love Actually’ (one of the best Christmas films of all time) but one of my favourite Christmas wedding proposals, although slightly cheesy, is this one!

You could ask some local carol singers, or some friends, to turn up on your door on Christmas Eve and serenade your partner before you go down on one knee and pop the question. If you wanted to crank it up 10 notches why not go for an entire flash mob!


7 – Boxing Day proposal

Boxing Day can be a bit underwhelming. You have drank and eaten yourself into oblivion and you have realised that there is only one big celebration left on New Years Eve before moving in to January where nothing really happens. Why not keep the celebrations going and extend the Christmas festivities with a Boxing Day proposal. Your partner will most certainly not expect it and it will be the perfect end to a magical Christmas.


December 14, 2020

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