10 ways to include your dog in your wedding

I am a proud Westie Mama, and anyone who wants to include their beloved fluff ball in their wedding has my full undivided attention! Many of my wonderful couples are exploring ways to include their pooches in their wedding and so I have put together a list all of my favourite ways you can do this.

Remember to check with the venue first that they allow dogs, and really think about how long you would like them to be at your venue for. Some dogs are amazingly well behaved and will do anything on cue, but some dogs may be nervous, bark lots of have separation anxiety so it is always a good idea to really think about how your dog is going to react before you give them a role.

There are so many wonderful wedding chaperone services out there who will look after your dog before and during the ceremony, and then take them home and board them for the night. Alternatively you may want to have your dog with you the whole day.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

1 Walk down the aisle together

Have your dog walk you down the aisle or maybe your dog could be part of your bridal crew instead. Perhaps even include them as part of your best men – usher squad and have your furry friend stand at the altar instead.

2 Dress up your pooch

Any dog in clothes gets my attention, especially when they’re sporting the latest wedding attire! Flower crowns, doggy dresses, wreath collars, tuxedos and bow ties, just some of the super cute accessories available to make your pooch even more gorgeous than they already are!

dogs at weddings

3 Invite your dog to get ready in the bridal suite

You will get some beautiful photos of your four legged bestie if they are with you getting ready in the bridal suite. Whether they are snuggling up in the train of your wedding dress, or sneaking a couple of secret sloppy doggy kisses with you, your photos will be gorgeous capturing these special moments.

4 Include your dog in your wedding party photos

Before or after your ceremony, make sure you have some photos taken with your pooch centre stage with your wedding squad.  They are an important part of your family and it is lovely for them to be included.

dogs at weddings

5 Photo of the rings placed on the nose, head or under the paw of your pooch

The dreamy classic wedding photo that never gets old.

dogs at weddings

6 Ring bearer

Tie the rings to your dogs collar or pop them in a box and place them on a pillow harness. Your dog can either already be up front with the best man, or they can walk down the aisle on cue to deliver the rings. Another idea is to attach a go pro to your pooch and have them walk down the aisle whilst delivering the rings so you can see your ceremony from their perspective, Great if you have a videographer as they can use that footage to include in your video,  Either way, this is my favourite way to include dogs into a wedding ceremony. 

7 Include them in the first dance

Dogs like dancing too you know! 

8 ‘First Look’ with your pooch

Have you heard of a ‘first look’ at a wedding? This is where the couple on the morning of their wedding break tradition and meet beforehand so they can share a little time together before making their way to the ceremony. Well, how about a first look with your beloved pooch instead? 

Photo Credit – FarlowPhotography

dogs at weddings dogs at weddings

9  Dog chaperone in the bridal car

Invite your pooch to be your wedding chaperone whilst travelling in the bridal car on the way to the wedding. Your own personal pooch escort – super cute!

10 Not just dogs 

Cats, pigs, goats, alpacas, reptiles, horses, donkeys, ferrets. It’s not just dogs that want to get in on your wedding action! 

Photo Credit – Assassynation

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